According to PIAA regulations, a student attending a member school that does not sponsor a team during the regular season may qualify for the district meets in the following sports:

FALL SPORTS – B/G Cross Country, B/G Golf, Girls Tennis.
● WINTER SPORTS – Girls Gymnastics, B/G Swimming, Wrestling.
● SPRING SPORTS – Boys Tennis, B/G Track & Field.

The guidelines for this participation are:

A. Limit of one competitor per sport per school. (No relay teams in swimming or track nor doubles tennis teams are permitted.) The school is responsible for determining their competitor. Multiple athletes from the same school may participate in track, swimming and gymnastics as long as they do not compete in the same event(s).

B. Competitors must meet all PIAA eligibility requirements.

C. Competitors must be accompanied and supervised by a coach employed and assigned by the member school. The school may send a full-time professional in lieu of a coach for purposes of accompanying and supervising student. This full-time professional employee must be a properly designated representative of the student’s school and must be fully responsible for the supervision of the student. The coach or representative must remain with the student for the duration of the event.

D. The school must notify the WPIAL Office in a timely fashion that they intend to enter a competitor.

E. In sports where there are multiple qualifying events, the WPIAL will assign competitors to a specific qualifier. This assignment will be made on the basis of competitive and numerical balance, not necessarily on geographical criteria.

F. Specific qualifying requirements for certain sports:

1. Diving competitors must dive for score and swimmers must swim for “time” in their event/events during a regularly scheduled interscholastic meet being conducted by other member schools. The “timing” of the swimmer may occur during an official event, in between events or after the meet. The host school will make the decision as to whether the swimmer competes during an event or not. (To prevent confusion, the Athletic Directors should make this decision prior to the meet and communicate to all involved.) A PIAA registered official must certify the swimmers performance, in writing, to the WPIAL Office.

2. Track competitors must follow the same guidelines listed for swimmers.

3. Gymnastics competitors may qualify through the same method.

4. Wrestlers may not qualify through regularly scheduled school meets, but must provide the WPIAL with a record of all wins and losses established in tournaments and other non-school competitions.