Dealing with Inclement Weather

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


The WPIAL is advising all schools of the following when inclement weather is a possibility:

1. It is recommended that principals, athletic directors, contest officials, and coaches meet prior to the contest regarding the possibility of inclement weather for all sports to insure that there are clear predetermined guidelines established to address any and all scenarios.

2. Do any and all things possible to insure the safety of the participants, fans and others. Please reference the “Lightning Safety” guidelines below.

3. All WPIAL section football games must be played in their entirety as they bear on post season qualification.

4. The NFHS sport specific rule books identify criteria regarding potential termination of contests and the requirements that identify when games are considered official. These guidelines must be followed. If the specific sport rule book does not specify termination guidelines, insofar as possible, all games should be played to conclusion.

5. It is a recommendation (and it is only a recommendation) of the WPIAL that all non-section football games postponed before the conclusion of the first half, be concluded at a later date.

6. It is recommended that non-section football games interrupted in the second half or games that are being played under the “mercy rule” be terminated with the existing score unless it is mutually decided that the game should be concluded at a later date.

7. Remember that if a non-section football game is not concluded, the existing score will stand. The National Federation Rule Book Rule 3, Article 3 states: “Games interrupted because of events beyond the control of the responsible administrative authority shall be continued from the point of interruption, unless the teams agree to terminate the game with the existing score or there are conference, league or state associations’ rules which apply.”