WPIAL Girls’ Cross Country Individual Champions

The Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League (WPIAL) has crowned individual champions in girls’ cross country since 1974. The 2022 season marks the WPIAL’s 49th year of competition in the sport, and saw Mt. Lebanon’s Logan St. John Kletter (3A), Brownsville’s Jolena Quarzo (2A), and Shady Side Academy’s Chelsea Hartman (1A) claiming gold at the WPIAL Cross Country Championships.

12 different student-athletes have won at least three WPIAL girls’ cross country individual titles, with Vincentian Academy’s Marianne Abdalah (2013-16) and Greater Latrobe’s Natalie Bower (2005-08) currently serving as the only four-time champions. The other 10 student-athletes to win gold three times are: Jolena Quarzo (Brownsville), Mia Cochran (Moon), Brianna Schwartz (Shaler), Kacey Gibson (Neshannock), Maxine Markfield (Quaker Valley), Lauren Bricker (Hempfield Area), Chrissy Schneider (Hempfield Area), Jenna Bartolomeo (Ellwood City), Kristine Stoehr (Richland), and Julie Hamilton (Neshannock).

A full list of individual champions by year and classification can be found below.

To view the list of team champions, please click here: LINK

Year 3A 2A 1A
2022 Logan St. John Kletter (Mt. Lebanon) Jolena Quarzo (Brownsville) Chelsea Hartman (Shady Side Acad.)
2021 Mia Cochran (Moon) Jolena Quarzo (Brownsville) Corinn Brewer (Greensburg C.C.)
2020 Mia Cochran (Moon) Jolena Quarzo (Brownsville) Carmen Medvit (Shenango)
2019 Mia Cochran (Moon) Gionna Quarzo (Brownsville) Haley Hamilton (OLSH)
2018 Hannah Schupansky (Oakland Cath.) Annie Wicker (Quaker Valley) Carmen Medvit (Shenango)
2017 Hannah Schupansky (Oakland Cath.) Annie Wicker (Quaker Valley) Haley Hamilton (OLSH)
2016 Clara Savchik (North Allegheny) Anna Pawloski (Quaker Valley) Marianne Abdalah (Vincentian Acad.)
2015 Lauren Finikiotis (Oakland Cath.) Mandi Moxie (Knoch) Marianne Abdalah (Vincentian Acad.)
2014 Brianna Schwartz (Shaler) Jade Bellotti (Uniontown) Marianne Abdalah (Vincentian Acad.)
2013 Brianna Schwartz (Shaler) Alexis O’Shea (West Allegheny) Marianne Abdalah (Vincentian Acad.)
2012 Brianna Schwartz (Shaler) Julie Friend (Uniontown) Emily Maxwell (Laurel)
2011 Margo Malone (North Hills) Caitlin Bungo (Sewickley Acad.)
2010 Margo Malone (North Hills) Nicole Hilton (South Fayette)
2009 Jenna Gigliotti (Norwin) Sarah Miller (Quaker Valley)
2008 Natalie Bower (Greater Latrobe) Katrina Jueng (Shady Side Acad.)
2007 Natalie Bower (Greater Latrobe) Kacey Gibson (Neshannock)
2006 Natalie Bower (Greater Latrobe) Kacey Gibson (Neshannock)
2005 Natalie Bower (Greater Latrobe) Kacey Gibson (Neshannock)
2004 Maranie Staab (Penn-Trafford) Rachel Erny (Brentwood)
2003 Marrisa Umbel (Indiana) Julie Dickhans (Quaker Valley)
2002 Christine Taranto (West Allegheny) Maxine Markfield (Quaker Valley)
2001 Lauren Bricker (Hempfield Area) Maxine Markfield (Quaker Valley)
2000 Lauren Bricker (Hempfield Area) Maxine Markfield (Quaker Valley)
1999 Lauren Bricker (Hempfield Area) Lauren Shaffer (West Allegheny)
1998 Stacey Vidt (Hampton) Jennifer Locke (Brownsville)
1997 Stacey Vidt (Hampton) Jennifer Anthony (Southmoreland)
1996 Stacie Bouchard (Hempfield Area) Mary Beth Acker (Neshannock)
1995 Chrissy Schneider (Hempfield Area) Mary Beth Acker (Neshannock)
1994 Chrissy Schneider (Hempfield Area) Ellen Cogswell (Quaker Valley)
1993 Chrissy Schneider (Hempfield Area) Jenna Bartolomeo (Ellwood City)
1992 Wendy Riker (Mt. Lebanon) Jenna Bartolomeo (Ellwood City)
1991 Jill Kern (North Hills) Jenna Bartolomeo (Ellwood City)
1990 Jill Kern (North Hills) Kathy Knabb (Peters Township)
1989 Carole Zajac (Baldwin) Sue Ward (Hampton)
1988 Carole Zajac (Baldwin) Kristine Stoehr (Richland)
1987 Elaine Laird (Sacred Heart) Kristine Stoehr (Richland)
1986 Elaine Laird (Sacred Heart) Kristine Stoehr (Richland)
1985 Cindy Langwig (Shaler) Stephanie Wasserman (Neshannock)
1984 Laura Grignano (Sacred Heart) Laurie Moore (Richland)
1983 Kim McKay (Bethel Park) Jackie Pupi (Beaver)
1982 Kim McKay (Bethel Park) Kathy Lennox (Slippery Rock)
1981 Allison Kotouch (Ambridge) Jackie Pupi (Beaver)
1980 Janelle Jelovich (Bethel Park) Sherri Schmidt (Richland)
1979 Amy Adams (Churchill) Becky Menges (Neshannock)
1978 Leigh Kinkaid (Franklin Regional) Rachael Brooks (Mars)
1977 Leigh Kinkaid (Franklin Regional) Rachael Brooks (Mars)
1976 Kathy Byrnes (North Allegheny) Julie Hamilton (Neshannock)
1975 Betsy Flack (North Hills) Julie Hamilton (Neshannock)
1974 Julie Hamilton (Neshannock)